Sunday, 14 April 2013

L'oreal Feria by Preference - Extreme Platinum Power L01

AKA HAIR DYE. This mouthful of a product promises to extremely lighten my hair up to 8 levels. It won't wreck or ravage my hair because it is AMMONIA FREE. Hooray. Feeling thrifty I went into Boots to get a DIY bleaching kit and Toning solution. Basically if you just bleach your hair it will go yellow. You need to use a toner and silverising shampoo to rid your hair of the yellow tones. The products together were a whopping £18 - not thrifty at all. So I persevered down the aisle and found L'oreals EXTREME lightening hair dye. EXTREME no less. Not relishing a bleaching session anyway I had nothing to loose. £5.75 lighter I left the shop and looked for a friend.

That's step 1 - Enlist a friend to help you. I am rubbish at hair DIY and it will be a disaster if I am left to my own devises. Step too is to assemble the hair dye. This one is particularly ingredient-heavy. Oh I tell a lie step 2 is to do the 48 hour skin allergy test. Step 3 is to assemble the dye. This EXTREME lightening hair dye consists of: development cream (in the squeezy tube), lightening powder (in the sachet , lightening cream (in the white tube) and a "high shine shot". Once you put all these together, shake it, shake it, shake it like a Polaroid picture. - round in your hands then "vigorously vertically . Step 4 is to put on the gloves (in the kinder surprise egg) and get your friend to cover your roots. Step 5 is to leave it for 45 minutes to develop. It states clearly do not exceed this time. And finally step 6 is to rinse and condition. The Gold tube is a Brass-Defy (YELLOW defy) conditioner which should be used once a week for 6 weeks. Exciting!

First thing to say is that I found the lightening powder a ball ache. I was there all set up when I found out I needed to open the sachet with scissors. "for goodness sake"... 5 minutes later I was back and filled the bottle with powder which went everywhere! *sigh* All cleaned up and everything mixed together I handed the reigns over to my friend to apply it for me. The hair dye is the consistency of cream and didn't smell bad at all. My friend applied it using a hairdressers comb and so I had no streakage or missed sections. Whilst waiting for it to develop it started to irritate my head and I got that prickly pins and needles feeling that I get when bleaching my head normally. I also kept getting whiffs of bad hair dye smell. The irritation soon eased and overall the irritation was no where near as bad as bleach.

My hair felt really damaged when I washed the dye out and the brass defy conditioner isn't very nourishing. I have used much better nourishing hair dye conditioners. Onto the results. My roots were lightened a lot however it isn't platinum. I have been left with yellow roots in comparison to my platinum white hair. I guess if you were to dye all your hair rather than your roots then the results would be more satisfying. As it stands I'm desperately using silverising shampoo to lighten my roots to match the rest of my hair. Overall I am very happy with this hair dye. Its more or less irritation and smell free and lightens up hair brilliantly. In my opinion it doesn't whiten the hair as much as it says it does but hey ho its a great alternative to bleaching and silverising Shampoo can do the rest. Buy HERE

If your after lightening your hair this is good way to go or check out my TOP TIPS to bleaching your hair if you want to go that way. please follow this blog on BLOGLOVIN and TWITTER - Thankyou for stopping by, Natalie xoxo

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